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 More Pubs Soon! 

ILM is to be recorded for broadcast at more local pubs soon! 


Inside Local Music was created to promote the local live music scene. We feel that one of the bet ways to do that is to get out and about and organise events to showcase the talents of the local musicians.


To do this we take the show out to local pubs in the Falmouth and Penryn area and record it for later broadcast.


They are always fun evenings, and happen due to the efforts not only of the ILM team, but all the musicians and the people who own / work for the pubs we 'take-over'!


The following is a list of the events we have done. You can see the pictures and have an opportunity to hear not only the jingle promotions for the events, but the radio show that resulted from them... Enjoy!!



ILM - The Christmas Show - Monday December 21st 2009



Click to view the photos of the show taken in 5 Degrees Below


The one we have all been waiting for, The Christmas Show! - The show was broadcast LIVE from Five Degrees Below in Falmouth. We had the pleasure of live performances from the Falmouth Community Choir and the Ice Cold Idiots. We also gave the first airing to three Christmas Songs recorded at Studio 35 especially for the show. The artists are, Hot and Nasty, the Sell Out Men and .... The Text Lady!


This show is another first for the Source in the fact that we were able to broadcast live from a remote location. A big thanks to Richard Hammond for facilitating the link, Barney Neild for Studio Managing the show, Emma Phillips for producing it, My Elvis Blackout and Falmouth Soul Sensation for lending the equipment, the management of Five Degrees Below for lending us the pub, and last and defiantly not least, all the performers who gave freely of their time to make it the special night that it was!


Listen to the Show as Broadcast.





Inside Local Music - Inside Falmouth Week - Live from Events Square



Click to view the photos of the show from our outside broadcast studio


Listen to the show as broadcast




Inside Local Music - Inside the Grapes - Thusday July 13th 2009



This was our first 'live' show which took place at the Grapes in Falmouth. The show featured (in order of appearence) Wayne Lampshire, Ultrateeze, Sam Burbury and the Heathens.


Listen to the promotion for the show.




Listen to the show as broadcast




Click to view the picture gallery from the night




View the Video from the night (STILL IN EDIT.. Watch this space!)




Inside Local Music - Inside Finn Mcouls at the Melting Pot



A fun and completely random night! - All we knew before we started was the night of the show, the fact we pressed the record button at 10:30 and the fact that we had three sets. We bowed to the musical magic that is Gerry Gillard's Melting Pot, a night where you dont know who is going to play or what the genre is till it happens... and it really worked!


Listen to the promotion for the show




Listen to the show as broadcast




Click to view the picture gallery from the night


Coming soon.......


  • Inside Local Music - Inside the Waterfront


  • Inside Local Music - At Falmouth Week


  • Inside Local Music - At The Price of Wales


.... and your location if you wish ... please email







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