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 More Pubs Soon! 

ILM is to be recorded for broadcast at more local pubs soon! 


In March 2009, the Inside Local Music team created a new feature for the show called Live at 35. The inspiration behind the feature was the wealth of fantastic and very diverse talent in the Falmouth and Penryn area. 


When we are out and about visiting the many music venues in the area, we invite the performers to come and do two original recordings at the secret and mysterious location that is Studio 35.


We setup the equipment, check the sound levels and EQ's are to the performers satisfaction and then record their 'live' performance. There is no post production, what they play is what you hear!


We then do an interview with them and play both the conversation and the tune on our show.


We have been overwhelmed with the response... at the time of writing (early December 2009) we have done nearly 70 recordings.


We decided that, as people loved the music so much, we would release an album. This was a very difficult task as we love all the tunes and filtering from 70 to 19 was a very difficult decision.  We ended up surveying a group of people and coming up with a short list.


We are now proud to announce the launch of....


ILM's Live at 35, the Album!


Listen to the whole album (Samples of tracks only)



Everry track on the album is unique and is written and performed by the artists. The following is a list of the track and where to find out more about the performers....


No Artist / Track Web Location
1 Sell Out Men - Shotgun Wedding - 3:25
2 All the Fires - Rear Window - 3:38
3 The Hitchcock Rules - Warmaker - 5:01
4 My Elvis Blackout - A Bag to Swing - 2:23
5 Ultrateeze - make the Grade - 2:42
6 Blindfold Garden - Subway Tommy - 3:45
7 Tristan O'Meara - Fire in the Sky - 6:12
8 Wayne Lampshire - Rough Roads - 5:36
9 Robin Visard - Sharm El Sheikh - 4:08
10 Bragatangs - Quamar Kwinta - 4:13
11 Marc Heathen - By the Reeks - 3:42
12 Richard Morris - Anna - 3:57
13 Hanna Roo - Red Berries - 4:10 www.insidelocalmusic/bands
14 PKT Trio - Choro Para Una Mesa - 5:26
15 Busketeers - Tales of a Fishwoman - 5:06
16 John Green - West of the Rest - 2:15
17 John Gallagher - Jerusalem Farm - 2:46
18 Sam and Cally - Sirens - 2:58
19 Martin Skews - Make me a Monster - 3:47


You can buy the Album by emailing us at or get it at one of the following locations. Price just 6.00 for 19 tracks or original local music!


  • Five degrees Below
  • The Grapes
  • The Here and Now gallery
  • Jam - The High Street Falmouth
  • or CLICK HERE to Order On-line
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The following are some screen shots of the cover.


Front Cover



Rear Cover



Inside Cover



The Disc








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