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The following is a list of the shows for you to listen to again.......


Season Four - Show Fourteen (The Birthday Show)- March 8th 2010

1 year on! This is our birthday show and full of fun and memories. We listen to the original Pete and Simon practice session, chat to Kyla Goody about Lip Sync, and Kris Kool about Sports Relief. We also have two studio guests in the form of Leanne Pereira and Jak Stringer! - Leanne plays her latest tune dedicated to our one year in broadcasting! And if that is not enough, we play some old features including our first meeting with Hitchcosk Rules!




Season Four - Show Thirteen - March 1st 2010

The post Haiti Benifit Concert Show - In this we listen to music from the Haiti benifit concert! - The featured bands are Headluv, Mad Dog Mcree, 3 Daft Monkeys, Wives of Farmers and the Ice Cold Idiots! - We also speak with Josie of Josie and the Love Cats, and discuss the latest fund raiser for FXpedition with Emily Wilson - Also phone chats with Jeff the Haiti Gig Organiser and Brenda from Jonahs Lift - And if this is not action packed enough we have the first airing of the new Stringer Report jingle made exclusivly for us by My Elvis Blackout!!




Season Four - Show Twelve - February 24th 2010

In this show we listen to 2 of the Peapod Session performers who are Emily Maughan and Rosie Vanier. We also have a visit from the Falmouth Sprots Relief team to discuss the event. Live at 35 we listen to Tristan O'Meara and Richard Bridge, Squid Hand and Leanne Periera.!




Season Four - Show Eleven - February 15th 2010

This is the one where Ross stands in for Pete at short notice. In a fun filled show we talk to Annie Gray about the forthcoming gig to help fund her trip to Tanzania and listen to two of the acts in the form of Martin Skews and the Ice Cold Idiots. We also speak to Kyla Goody about the forthcoming 'Lip Sync' night at Peapods. Live at 35 this week we have Bemz and Mark Heathan. We also play tunes from the talented Leanne Pereira and David Morris and last and definatly not least we hear Betamax, one of the tracks from Ross's own band Ultrateeze!




Season Four - Show Ten - February 8th 2010

We listen to some of the wonderful recordings from the Peapod Sessions last Saturday. The recording features Ottos’s Dream, Emily Maughan, Jess Wilson, Rosie Vinear and Elliot and the Wolf! We also speak to the organisers of the FXpedition Expedition to Borneo. Live at 35 this week we welcome Pete Shepherd.




Season Four - Show Nine - February 1st 2010

In this show we meet two fantastic female artists in the form of Steph Newton and Jess Wilson. We also enjoy a superb performance of some fine Jazz with Squid Hand!




Season Four - Show Eight - January 25th 2010

In this show we meet Hot and Nasty at their first gig at Finn's, and Live at 35 we Listen to and talk with Hanterhir and Tony Haven!




Season Four - Show Seven (Inside Studio 35) - January 18th 2010

Another FIRST for the ILM team! - This week we did our first live broadcast direct from the secret location that is Studio 35 somewhere in downtown Falmouth! We had three musical guests to play for us including Leanne Pereira, David Morris and Martin Skews! The show was great fun and a great technolgical break through with the support of technical wizard Richard Hammond who set up the link with 30seconds to spare... a true Star! We also had a small invited studio audience who really got into the mood of the show and enjoyed the perfomances! We hope you enjoy it as much as we did!




Season Four - Show Six - January 11th 2010

This week (post snow!) we listen to two features from last year which are the Shanty Festival and the Mynstrelek concert. Luke and Ross from Ultrateeze pop into the studio to listen to the first ever air-play of 2 more of the tracks recorded for their new album. Live at 35 this week we hear another track from Justin Goode and a new and very talented lyric writer and performer called Leanne Pereira!




Season Four - Show Five - January 4th 2010

In this the first show of 2010, we played some of the features we recorded in Seasons Three and Four! We filled the gaps with tracks from the Album and some of Petes's great choices from his CD collection!




Season Four - Show Four - December 28th 2009

This week Pete was away, so our Outside Broadcast Producer Emma Phillips stood in for him. It was a nostalgic show in which we played some of the features we recorded in Seasons One and Two! We filled the gaps with tracks from the Album!




Season Four - Show Three - December 21st 2009

The one we have all been waiting for, The Christmas Show! - The show was broadcast LIVE from Five Degrees Below in Falmouth. We had the pleasure of live performances from the Falmouth Community Choir and the Ice Cold Idiots. We also gave the first airing to three Christmas Songs recorded at Studio 35 especially for the show. The artists are, Hot and Nasty, the Sell Out Men and .... The Text Lady! This show is another first for the Source in the fact that we were able to broadcast live from a remote location. A big thanks to Richard Hammond for facilitating the link, Barney Neild for Studio Managing the show, Emma Phillips for producing it, My Elvis Blackout and Falmouth Soul Sensation for lending the equipment, the management of Five Degrees Below for lending us the pub, and last and defiantly not least, all the performers who gave freely of their time to make it the special night that it was!




Season Four - Show Two - December 14th 2009

This is the show where we start to feel the Christmas Spirit in the form of the Falmouth Community Choir singing carols under the direction of Hollye Sangster. We also visit a brilliant gig at Five Degrees Below with 3 great bands, Oresey, Ellipses and Lioness. We chat to Tom, the engineer at the famous Sawmill Studios, and live at 35 this week we have Mervin Hall and Richard Morris. Highlight of the show is the exclusive First Airplay of All the Fires two new tracks!




Season Four - Show One - December 7th 2009

In this, the first show in Season Four, we attend the brand new Wednesday Open Mic night at the Kings Head in falmouth run by John Greene and listen to and speak with some of the performers. We also catch up with the Eyelids after their gig at Finn McCouls. Live at 35 this week we have Justin Goode from the Oyster Festival, and David Morris who we met at the new open mic at 5 Degrees below!






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