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Season Two - End of Season Finale - August 24th 2009

Well we have reached the end of Season Two and are going to celebrate it with a 'Live at 35' special. The whole show is made of of the great tunes that have been recored at Studio 35 over the last 5 months! The program features (in order of appearence), My Elvis Blackout, Ultrateeze, Blindfold Garden, All the Fires, Hitchcock Rules, Toilet Monsters, The Busketeers, Claire Tomlinson, Gema and Richard, Sam and Cally, PKT Trio, Thomas and the Coffee and TV Wreck, Hannah Roo, The Heathens, John Galleger, Alex Gale, Dhyano, Clare and Sirus and Wayne Lampshire. Never before has such a collection of good local talent, playing such wonderful tunes been packed into and hour and a half!




Season Two - Show Twelve - August 17th 2009

In this the post Falmouth Week show, we almost had nothing to put on as we were so busy enjoying the festivities! - However after a quick dig in the archives, we are playing the Gig on the Green and the Battle of the Bands interviews. Live at 35 we have fellow Source presenter Dhyano and talented local singer / songwriter Hannah Roo.




Season Two - Show Eleven - August 10th 2009

This show was a first for Inside Local Music and the Source in the fact that we broadcast the show live from Event Square in Falmouth. The show is dedicated to the All New Falmouth week. The Organisers did us proud with the loan of their VIP Area for us to use as a studio! We had a string of important guests, all of whom were in to discuss the events they were involved in. If you wish to see the photos please click on the 'Live Shows' TAB.




Season Two - Show Ten - August 3rd 2009

In Season Two, Show Ten, we visit the fantastic event in Truro that is Gig on the Green and meet some of the artists. Live at 35 we listen to Alex Gale, All the Fires and Thomas of the Coffee and TV Wreck! We also discuss the up and coming events that are this years bigger and better Falmouth week including an interview with one of the organisers, Mike Rangecroft.




Season Two - Show Nine - July 27th 2009

In Season Two, Show Nine we focus on the wonderful performances at Studio 35 of Hannah Ru, John Galleger and the PKT Trio. We also take a dip into our archive and re-play Alex Gale, Sam and Cally and remind ourselves of the great evening that is Sunday night Jazz at the Star and garter!




Season Two - Show Eight - Emma covering for Pete - July 20th 2009

In Season Two, Show Eight, we have a bit of a Live at 35 Special. Emma Phillips (our outside broadcast producer) covers for Pete who is off camping somewhere on the North Devon Coast! We meet the fantastic group that is All the Fires and are really impressed with fellow presenter (Dhyano - The Latin Quarter) who demonstrates an amazing talent with his voice and guitar. We also open the archives and listen to Blindfold garden, The Heathenz and Me and the Devil. Seamus from the Busketeers plays his latest tune, and Simon does a jam session with next weeks 'Live at 35 star, Hannah Ro.




Season Two - Show Seven - Inside Finn Mcouls - July 13th 2009

In Season Two, Show Seven we go down to Finn Mcouls to do the Melting Pot - Great show with lots of very talented musicians!

In the Bonus Bit, we have an exclusive first play of My Elvis Blackouts new song. We also chat about the up and coming Gig on the Green in Truro in which several local musicians are performing. One of these groups is All the Fires who have become a big favorite of ours. We play a preview of one of their 'Live at 35' sessions. Also Seamus from the Busketeers popped into the secret location that is Studio 35 and chatted about the re-launch of the band, and as a bonus, performed their latest tune




Season Two - Show Six - July 6th 2009

In Season Two, Show Six we go down to Finn Mcouls to test out our equipment for next weeks live show. When there we discover a fantastic young talent that is Ewin. He play for us on his squeeze box! We also play a compliation of the test recordings in order to tempt you to next weeks show!!

The 'Front' offers a great songwriters night on Tuesdays which we visited and met with and recorded a couple of the performers.... and 'Live at 35' we meet John Galleger a talented singer / songwriter!




Season Two - Show Five - June 29th 2009

In Show 5 of Season Two, we meet Moses Gunn, enjoy some amazing jazz at the Star and Garter with Mark Hadley and the Start and Garter band. We also listen to the amazing solo of the drummer of Seven Day weekend that is Jordan Matthews, and Live at 35 we meet Gema and Richard who play another original tune for us!




Season Two - Show Four - June 18th 2009

In this show, we go behind the scenes at the Princes Pavilions and meet two up and coming bands, Elipses from Wadebridge and All the Fires from Falmouth and Penryn. We listen to the performances of and chat to some of the people who made the Shanty Festival such a massive sucess, and 'Live at 35' we have Sam and Cally.




Season Two - Show Three - Inside the Grapes - June 11th 2009

On June the 11th 2009, Inside Local Music went 'Inside the Grapes' - The team who produce the program together with the management of the Grapes pub in Falmouth, booked 4 artists to showcase their acts for us!

The acts featured (in order of appearence), Wayne Lampshire, Ultrateeze, Sam Burbury and the Heathens.!

It was a great night and all there really enjoyed it. After the show some of the acts went on to do encores and entertained all in the pub for the rest of the night..!

The show was produced by Emma Phillips and engineered by Barney Neild




Season Two - Show Two - June 8th 2009

Show Two was first broadcast on the Source (96.1FM) and features interviews with Bragatanga, Kate Lamerton Wild and Bill Scott about Tartuffe... Interviews with Falmouth Shout about the Shanty Festival and a chance to listen to all the music of most of the bands featured in Inside Local Music, Inside the Grapes.... We also get to listed to Claire Tomlinson at the Star and Garter!




Season Two - Show One - 1st June 2009

This is the first show of the season, and the one that the data key failed and left us with Matthew and Pete starting the show!

It was an action packed show with My Elvis Black and Falmouth Soul Sensation at Event Square, Bert Miller and the Animal Folk played at the Watersports Centre and Ultrateeze did 'Live at 35'!






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