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ē More Pubs Soon! Ľ

ILM is to be recorded for broadcast at more local pubs soon! 


This page has been setup to allow easy access to some of the videos that have been made as a result of Inside Local Music. They are here both for your enjoyment and to help the people who made the video and those who are in it to promote themselves! .... Enjoy!!


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Ice Cold Idiots - Skeletons


We think this is one of the best tracks that the boys have recorded, and one of the best videos the vProject have made for them! - It was filmed over two days at the Poly, Falmouth and the Performance Centre UCF - Cameras, Rusty Gray, Helen Schilling and Simon Neild - Edited by the Fred Baylis-Gray and Produced by the vProject -



June 2011, Kola


Kola are folk pop band; Think, Ryan Adamís meets, Dave Mathews over at Fleetwood Macís place. The line up is brand new and the songs are still being crafted into the bands first studio album but even though the band is in her infancy it doesnít mean that her soul isnít there.


  • Ryan Jones, Bass Guitar and Vocals
  • Annie Gray, Violin, Piano and Vocals
  • Dan Cole, Acoustic Guitar and vocals
  • Filmed and recorded at Studio35, Falmouth.
  • Recorded by Simon Neild.
  • Mixed by Ryan Jones.
  • Filmed by John Gray and Helen Schilling.
  • Edited by the vProject.


Kola - Roller of Punches from vProject on Vimeo.



Kola - Ruins from vProject on Vimeo.



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The Ice Cold Idiots


In June 2009, The Ice Cold Idiots did an 'informal' gig at a secret location in Falmouth, Cornwall. People in the area were informed in advance, and around 100 local residents turned out to watch and enjoy the 'impromptu' concert.


Such was the audience enthusiasm that they insisted that the band play more than the 3 planned tracks. What a day! - Click on the following to view the promotion, the Making Of Video and one of the live recordings!..... Over to you!


Ice Cold Idiots - Outside 35 - The Promotion


This video was sent out on Facebook to all interested people to remind them of what was coming up!



Ice Cold Idiots - Outside 35 - The Making Of


This video follows some of the work involved in setting up the gig! - The crew (apparently) had a lot of fun!



Ice Cold Idiots - Outside 35 - Decisions Made - Live


There was seven video cameras at the gig. Rusty had fun stitching all the video together to create this 'live view'



Still to come.... Inside local Music.. Inside the Grapes! - Watch this space








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