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ILM is to be recorded for broadcast at more local pubs soon! 


Pete and Simon met at a Source training meeting one Saturday, and immediatly realised that they had a lot in common, especially a love of live music! - Simon had some experience in radio production and presentation from a previous life and has done a lot of recording with various artists, and Pete is a living database of music information as well as being an accomplished guitarist.


With this combination, Inside Local Music was born!


They are here to make you aware of the fabulous selection of music available to you in the Source Area!


They also want to offer a stage for local performers to showcase their talents.


The Inside local Music Team is made of of four essential people. The following is some background on each of them........



Pete Baxter - Presenter / Music Producer


Peter was born in 1962 in the heart of Yorkshire. He grew up listening to the Beatles and remember being a little 'concerned' when his favorite happy, clean-cut, smiley Beatle John turned into a weird hippy with lots of facial hair. He got over this and grew up in the 70's which must be the most varied decade of music ever (we all think that about our teenage years tho' dont we!) They sang Slade songs and Womble songs on the way to scouts, po-goed to Sham 69, and did drunken John Travolta impressions to the Bee Gees. House music turned him right off, but it is with great pleasure he can now listen to Radio (ie the Source of Course) and hear good music again! LONG LIVE THE SOURCE!!


Pete has the most amazing knowledge of the music from the last 3 decades and is responsible for choosing the majority of CD's to be played on the show.  He also has a wealth of knowledge on local artists which is invaluable to the show! 


He is also a good guitarist and singer and can been seen at the open mic nights at Prince of Wales and Finn Mcouls on a Thursday (sometimes backed by Simon on the drums!)



Simon Neild - Presenter / Live Music Producer & Editor


Although Simon was born a day or two before Pete, his early musical influences were similar. He was bought up in Africa and has always lived and loved music. Simon has played drums since the age of about 12, and been in several bands. He managed the number two band in Harare, Zimbabwe for 2 years before leaving for the UK. His 1st radio experience was at the age of about 8/10 years old, where he constructed a very basic studio and broadcast from his bedroom to his mother in the kitchen (yes I know, but we all have to start somewhere!)


Whilst in London (end of the 70's) he founded Radio Y International (the internal broadcasting service of the London Central YMCA) - It was a fun station, and a number of currently well known radio and TV people started there! Sadly after 2 years producing and presenting, reality kicked in and he had to go and earn a living. Radio Y was possibly one of the first community radios stations and as such they all worked for free. 


Simon did no more Radio (except for a brief 6 months on Duchy Hospital Radio Service in the 80's) until he started with the Source. He has, however done a fair amount of recording with bands helping to make basic demos and a bit of sound engineering for shows etc. He has also worked in the production teams of several live music events most noteably the Tall Ships Race in 2008 where he and his team produced 84 hours of music in 4 days!


Simon edits all the features that he and Pete create, and is also responsible for engineering all the 'Live at 35' recordings. He also makes the jingles for both this show and some others on the Source.



Jak Stringer - Reporter for the Stringer Report


Some would say she is obsessive but she prefers the word passionate to describe her involvement with music..... 


Jak was brought up listening to music, when other little girls where playing with dolls, She was watching bands rehearse in the back room of her parents' pub.


She travels far and wide to see the bands she loves, and gets to see approximately 300 different bands a year.

She always wants to be the first to find the next hot band, be at the front dancing and will go to huge lengths to find her Holy Grail...the bands setlist.


"Is this wrong?" she says, "maybe but I don't care!"


Jackie is the reporter for the ILM team, writing and presenting 'The Stringer Report' on a weekly basis.


She is our eyes and ears on the big outside world of music, and each week amuses us with her experiences of the previous weeks gigs that she has attended!


She also offers a great insight as to what is coming up!


Emma Phillips - Outside Broadcast Producer


Also born in Falmouth, technically Truro Hospital, Emma has been involved with local and national performing arts companies since the age of three. Her musically talented family engraved a passion for live musical performances in her soul.


Though Emma rebelled for a short period, it was mostly in aid of escaping Cornwall to mosh at ridiculous heavy metal gigs in remote and desolate locations.


She studied media and theatre production in her final years of school and early months of further education before dropping out to discover the world.


Exploring only took her as far as Jersey and Portugal, but her short term professions and experiences opened Emma’s eyes to an obsessive compulsive disorder in organisation.


This Cornish Damsel in distress has recently retreated back to the bubble of Cornwall only to weed her way in to the thriving new roots of Inside Local Music where Emma can apply her stern organisational and creative skills and brilliant ale drinking techniques to the emaciating title of ‘Outside Broadcast Producer’.


This is a vital role for the show when we are out on location, as she is the one who plans all the timings and ensures that we 'keep it together'..... or else!



Barney Neild - Outside Broadcast Engineer


Born in Falmouth, Barney moved to Gloucester at the age of nine. He continued with the usual line of education doing the odd piece of audio editing in his spare time including the Deddington Players annual panto.


Eventually, with motivation from his family, he dropped out of his 6th form in the second year to go to Gloucestershire College of Arts and Media. There he studied for a National Diploma in Media Production. During this course Barney entered himself into as many work experience placements as he could and eventually was accepted to work on a verity of projects including running for the BBC Three program ‘Upstaged’ and lighting for the International Screenwriters Festival.


Since graduation from the Media Production course with a distinction he moved to Falmouth to work on the Oyster Festival, Tall Ships Festival and ultimately start at University College Falmouth studying a honours degree in Broadcasting.


As you can tell he has not lost his wanting for extra curricular activities in the media industry and since starting the course he has worked on the sound engineering for the International Shanty Festival, signed himself up for another year at the Oyster Festival this time on the camera side and most importantly “Live at…” with Inside Local Music.


Barney is vital to the team as our outside broadcast engineer. He is the one that controls all the levels when we are on location, and plays in the jingles and CD's etc.


Without his hands on the buttons there would be no show!







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